Find out how God has given life to a place that was once the worst village in all of Togo, West Africa

Meet David Whetstone, founder of Mentor Leaders, and William Koatidja, the Togolese Field Director and National Pastor from the little village in Northern Togo West Africa we’ve told you much about already — the village of Gbentchal.

When David and William embarked on an eight-month journey across Togo in 2010 — a journey they called “Mission 29″ — the goal was to find a village that needed clean water, a school, and a church. After spending many months crossing the country on motor bikes, sleeping in tents, and getting to know the people of Togo, they came to the 29th village and felt very strongly that they had yet to find the village where God was calling them to begin their work.

So, they turned around and began their journey back across the country, and stopped in the city of Dapong where they met with government leaders to inquire about other areas of Togo. “Where is the worst place in all of Togo?” David inquired. The unanimous answer, without hesitation: “the village of Gbentchal.”

Determined to complete the task God had set before them, off they went to find the village they would later learn had been abandoned by the government of Togo — a village where thousands of people lived in desperate need of clean water, nourishment, schools, and most importantly — Jesus.

Here, David and William tell the story.

**portions of this story were published originally at where I’m a contributor


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