We will be returning to the village of Gbentchal, Togo on August 5th to serve for two weeks. We have raised our funds in full for this trip, and we are so thankful for the generosity of so many people who made it possible. We started out with what seemed like an impossible goal — $3500 for each of us, totaling $7,000 — and God has provided in ways that have just blown us away.

Above and beyond whatever yearly work we dream of God doing in and through us as we travel with the Mentor Leaders team, there is an ongoing need that is far greater. You are given the opportunity to sponsor a child in either Africa or Haiti, help bring clean water to a dying people, or simply help by purchasing a goat or a water jug at Mentor Leaders. We encourage you to visit the site and support a child, or two. You will see many unsponsored children here on this website as we begin to tell you the story of Gbentchal. Your prayer support is always needed, and any support you are able to give financially is most appreciated. 100% of your donations are used for the specific purpose they’re intended. 


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